Iriezona Reggae Rock

by Tha Yoties

Released 2015
Greenhouse Fresh Produce
Released 2015
Greenhouse Fresh Produce
Reflecting on their colorful heritage, the group jokingly refer to themselves as a 'pack of coyotes', (Yoties).
Released on April 20, 2015, just in time for the band's debut performance at the Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque, New Mexico, "IrieZona Reggae Rock" is a bit of an autobiographical introduction to Tha 'Yoties. Indeed, the first track entitled simply "Yoties" has that whimsical trot and pace you might associate with a coyote prancing through the wilderness. However, it becomes clear as lead singer Ed Kabotie's lyrics come in that all is not fun and games, for this band of coyotes is from the edge of the city with modern day issues to deal with. "Jah Jah Say" confirms that through thick and thin, life will go on, but to live with the faith in the Creator is to live a positive life, try not to fuss and fight... "Live Consciously"... for we are a conscious people. The third track comes as a plea for humanity to at least attempt to live more in tune with the natural cycles of the sun, moon and stars.
"Hole In My Pocket", on the other paw, acknowledges that we do indeed live in a materialistic, opportunistic, dog-eat-god world. A ferocious capitalist society is one that is increasingly less humane, and where money is the measurement of success, it is a world that is losing compassion for the less fortunate. "The American Dream is never what it seems, sucking the life blood, leaving the disease..." A man will waste his health to get wealth"... but "life is more than meat" for Tha Yoties... The message is right there in the music, so wouldn't you like to be a Yotie too?



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